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Our Blazing Coders Web design business, specializing in Web design, Web Hosting and Web administration. Our business is based in Cuba and serves national and international level. We have experience in working to Drupal, we adapt our designs to this wonderful CMS, with which you can have a totally adaptable and dynamic website.

Our web design packages are designed for all budgets, you can see them from the section web design, plus it from our website you can know the latest news and offers we provide and our more recent work.

Blazing Coders Web Design

Website Design in Cuba doesn’t have to be a complicated task, costly venture, time-consuming project, in other words, it’s not a necessary evil. Having a Website in Cuba as a business is, however, necessary and essential. Affordable Website Design Cuba, Blazing Coders may also have importance. Any Cuba business, the conscience of their budget and effective marketing to best promote their services or products, should be interested in what Blazing Coders has to offer. Long term contracts for a year or more with a website design service or internet marketing company can have unwanted consequences. Blazing Coders Global isn’t your Cuba conventional website design company. It is a top most web design company in Cuba.

Blazingcoders design philosophy:

Our design philosophy is simple. Design for a purpose, an action and a response. Not just for design’s sake. Our company creates stunning websites that engage and excite. But more importantly, they lead visitors to a positive goal.

Blazingcoders Web design services

The union of a good design with an elaborate hierarchy of content increases the efficiency of the web as a channel for communication and data exchange, providing opportunities such as direct contact between producer and consumer of content, a remarkable feature of the medium.

Blazingcoders Web design Elements:

Text Ratio Picture of your website:

When it comes to web design, the text is the most relevant, although it is in conflict with other branches of design. Important information for both users and search engines to find us. Images are auxiliaries eye but can define the role of a composition.

Left upper area, the main focus of your website:

This is where we look first, at least in the Western world, this has to do with the way we read a book, do it in that order. That’s why the logo usually is in this part, as this is our identity.

Banners of your website:

The banners had their heyday, now have been displaced by “slide shows” if you try to use that has a design in keeping with the target site. If you are selling something will be good striking, if not save room for what matters.

Typography and color of fonts of your website:

It is recommended that only the headers have great texts or colors. Keep regular text with good contrast and suitable for users do not reject the reading size.

Numbers of your website:

It is very important not to put numbers to text. 5 is easier to read than five.

The optimizing footer of your website:

It may not be the first thing we see but has its function. Here you can put links, social networks or communities, link author.

Mobile Web of your website:

Optimizing your site for mobile devices is highly recommended, your website does not look the same in the PC on a Smartphone. There are two variants, the use of media queries, which is recommended by google, and using a subdomain as does Facebook.

Navigation of your website:

It is an element of utmost importance will be subject to the amount of its web content. It is recommended to use the top menu with a most important link, one to the left and right secondary importance or footer external link page.

Blazingcoders terms in web design:

    • Administration and Support for life.
    • Registration in major search engines.
    • Publishing Revolico 2 times a day
    • Promotion in the internet

Blazing Coders is more than just competitive, we are The Leader In Affordable Html-5 (SEO) Backed Flash Design Websites In Cuba giving your business website the Best of the Best in design and SEO to all over Cuba.

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