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Healthgrades clone Script & Apps

Why you need to move for a dependable Healthgrades clone solution?

The online healthcare assiduity is passing tremendous growth in this digital period as moment a lot of people are in hunt of an ideal online platform for reserving movables online with their asked croakers incontinently and for getting best- in- class online medical services.

You may be an ambitious entrepreneur looking to plunge into this flourishing online healthcare or medical business or seeking hard to elevate your healthcare business. also, you must understand that it's essential for you to make a point-rich croaker appointment reserving app for connecting millions of croakers and cases worldwide.

It must give a accessible platform for the cases to bespeak croaker movables fluently and must give a perfect space for the croakers to streamline their appointment booking process. Only also you can reach your entrepreneurial pretensions in your online healthcare business.

But, as an entrepreneur, have you ever allowed a readymade telemedicine script will help you to get ahead in your healthcare business? The answer is unexpectedly yes. With a completely- integrated and precisely drafted Healthgrades clone result, you can attain success in erecting a robust croaker appointment reserving platform with attention- grabbing eliminations.

What is Healthgrades clone?

Healthgrades clone is an online result that includes all essential features and functionalities of the well- known online croaker appointment reserving platform, Practo. So, a readymade Healthgrades clone will be the apt choice to make a stunning croaker appointment reserving platform fulfilling online healthcare business ideas and requirements.

Blazincoders Healthgrades clone

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Healthgrades clone

What benefits can you get from our unique Healthgrades clone result?

Our adroitly drafted Healthgrades clone will serve as a perfect result for aspiring possessors to make a full- fledged online croaker appointment reserving platform for setting a strong footmark in the online healthcare assiduity.

We easily understand that erecting a important croaker appointment reserving platform satisfying the global druggies isn't just an easy task as the druggies of moment flock to the platform with the most intriguing and futuristic additions and trendiest technologies. Keeping this in mind, our platoon of experts focuses on developing a comprehensive Healthgrades clone result, Blazingcoders Healthgrades clone App.

This readymade online result is erected strictly with several inconceivable features and functionalities in order to enrich the experience of druggies on the croaker appointment reserving platform. Also, to insure the smooth performance of the croaker appointment booking point across colorful bias and screen sizes, our Healthgrades clone script is subordinated to rigorous testing way.

In addition to this, if you want to include fresh features and functions in your online platform to dumbfound your global followership in the long run, also it's also wholly possible with our protean Healthgrades clone result. This is because our top- notch online result is fluently customizable to fulfill your online healthcare business conditions.

Interesting Features of Healthgrades clone App users on the doctor appointment booking platform

Digital Prescription

Once the appointment with the medical practitioner gets completed, the digital tradition button will be enabled for the corresponding medical practitioner with which that medical practitioner can give a detailed digital tradition to the case fluently. Once the medical practitioner has streamlined the tradition details, the particular case can view that information as needed anytime. This point streamlines the tradition process and thereby greatly impresses medical practitioner and cases on the medical practitioner appointment reserving platform.

Video and Direct visit

With this point of our Practo clone, cases can know about the vacuity of a particular croaker and can also check whether that specific medical practitioner is available for videotape movables or for a direct visit appointment. After knowing these vacuity and appointment type details, cases can also make an appointment with that medical practitioner incontinently without any confusion.


Once the case books an appointment with the medical practitioner, the converse box will be enabled for that case and medical practitioner in order to grease smooth communication between them. With this point of our Practo clone, cases can connect and sputter with their corresponding specialists and can get responses to their queries regarding specifics, movables ,etc. without any detention.

Manage Availability

With this point of our Practo clone, the medical practitioner can set his/ her vacuity details similar as discussion timings, whether he's available for tape recording booking or for direct visit booking, and can also set details regarding moment and request booking. As medical practitioner can set their clearness details easily with this point, bookings can be made accessibly without any confusion.

Ratings and Reviews

With this standing and review system of our Practo clone, cases can express their opinions and the experience that they had with the medical practitioner. This will help other cases to know about that particular medical practitioner more before making an appointment. The great reviews from the cases will also help the medical practitioner to vulgarize themselves within a veritably short span of time.

Customization / Changes

Still, you can make a request and approach our platoon to get the needed customization support, If you want any of the features to be modified or included in the product or if you're looking for some fresh generalities in the product.


Our Practo clone product includes the Stripe Connect payment gateway to allow the druggies of the app to make their payments accessibly and snappily without any troubles. With this effective payment gateway system, the commission quantity will be set and splitting of payments on the platform among the separate dopers will be done by oversight.

My doctors

With this intriguing point of our Practo clone, cases can save their most favored medical practitioner or the croakers whom they're most interested in. With these saved medical practitioner, cases can also take the needed opinions latterly on incontinently as demanded. This point enriches the experience of cases on the platform as it saves time for them to find their asked medical practitioner.

Specialist, Illness, & Insurance

This point of our Practo clone allows cases to search for medical practitioner grounded on their specialty, and other criteria like their illness and the insurance policy that has been taken. So, the case can take the result specifying the suitable medical practitioner for them fluently with this point and so it'll dumbfound millions of cases using the medical practitioner appointment reserving platform.

Filters and Search doctors

Our Practo clone includes largely advanced hunt pollutants to simplify the medical practitioner searching process of the cases. So, with this point, cases can find the most applicable medical practitioner for their problems snappily and can also bespeak an appointment with that specific medical practitioner incontinently.

Doctor and Hospital Profile

With this point, medical practitioner can give detailed information about their specialty, vacuity details, vacuity for videotape or direct visit bookings, moment or request booking details, etc. medical practitioner can also mention complete information about their hospitals similar as position, conditions and reviews from druggies, and numerous further. Cases can view these detailed biographies of medical practitioner before reserving movables .

Notifications and Controls

Our Practo clone script includes an instant announcement option in order to notify the druggies of the app also and there with important events and dispatches similar as appointment documentations, cancellation dispatches, etc. So, with this point, druggies will be kept informed whenever there are new conditioning passing on the platform. druggies can also have control over entering these announcements as per their want.

Book Appointments

Instant booking

This point of our MeetDoc product allows the case to bespeak an appointment with a medical practitioner snappily without making any request to that specific croaker. As this point allows for instant appointment booking, it'll surely bowl over numerous druggies.

Request booking

This request reserving point of our Practo clone script allows the case to transfer a request to the preferred croaker for reserving an appointment. As the medical practitioner can accept or reject the request, the case will be suitable to reserve an appointment only after getting the evidence from that medical practitioner.

Working process of Healthgrades clone Application

Blazingcoders Healthgrades clone provides a more accessible and visually charming platform for the druggies to boost their commerce on the platform and to ease their processes. Try this rally to know further about its working process and immersing features.

Working process of Admin Healthgrades clone Application

Admin of the app can get the complete overview of day- to- day business operations and conditioning.






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