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Blazing Coders proved you the latest trend of Parallax design. Parallax design is single page design. The Scrolling Website visual motivates, Engages visitors and makes them scroll the page up and down, as it brings in an element of excitement. We propose the single page design for client’s whose purpose of design is to interact with the visitor, add richness to their brand and create curiosity.

With HTML5 & CSS 3 technologies, we create single a page design that delights viewers. Parallax scrolling creates 3D effects. Here the background is moved slower than the foreground and so the viewer will have an illusion of depth & distance. It’s totally different from the traditional website that has boring text, here we turn your information into a story and create a story-line which would innovatively convey your message and increase the brand awareness. It animates page elements & scrolls in a vertical or horizontal pattern. With CSS we make different layers of the web page & bring in the visual effects without the use of flash.

Advantages Of Choosing Blazingcoders for Parallax Web Design:-

PSD to HTML Conversion is required to design a website in a desired theme or customized style. Our company helps the user to get this conversion done so as to have the completely unique and custome website design according to the user requirement.

  • Custom PSD to HTML Conversion.
  • Conduct fast conversions.
  • Offers unlimited flexibility through entirely configurable components.
  • EDevelopment with most up-to-date technology
  • 24*7 availability
  • Daily status report of your work
  • No hidden cost associated with your development
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We create Parallax intractive website and Landing Pages

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