What is the Difference Between Web Design & Web Development
What Is The Difference Between Web Design & Web Development

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between Web Designing and Web Development.

Web Design and Web Development, these are 2 separate roles in the website creation process. web design involves creating what the website should look like and how it should work, and web development involves developing a website that bring it to life as a functioning website.

Web Design

Designing a website involves taking brief information that a client wants to be displayed on a website, Creating mockups and working out the best structure for it.

Web designers think a lot about the website to make it creative, and arrange the information in an innovative way, which means they see the right content at the right place.

part of the design process is called user experience or UX as you may have seen it referred to as, but designers are obviously also responsible for the visual look and feel of the website, and that’s called the user interface, or UI.

What a website looks like is really important because you have to make sure that the design layout in with the company’s brand, and also that the information is easy to read and consume,

There are many different pieces of software (Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Pixlr, etc) out there that could be used by a website designer to design a website.

Web Development

As mentioned earlier, Web development involves taking the mock-up and bringing it to life through code so that it functions as a live website that you can put on the internet for people to use.

The base of a website is created using HTML, which organizes the structure of the site in code and then CSS is used to style the HTML, that base structure, to make it match the colors and shapes of the design that the designer created.

There are many different programming languages and not every web developer is going to know them all. They’ll generally have their own few that they specialize in, but HTML and CSS are the basics that you start with. Developers are responsible not only for making sure that the site functions properly and matches the design, but also that the code is written cleanly, so it can load really quickly for the user. And usually, developers will use a text editor to write and edit their code.

The bottom line is, Designers need more of an understanding of design principles and creativity to come up with the layout that is unique and answers the client’s brief and Developers focus more on logic-based thinking and an understanding of how code and technology works.

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