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Why you must go for a Alumni Magnet?

A graduated class site is the Connection of solid graduated class relations. Each Institution, Industries with solid graduated class networks exceptionally centers around building an intelligent graduated class gateway and receives significant advantages in return. Graduated class sites are an imperative piece of advancing a flourishing grounds local area, movement, Events, occupations so many of them miss the mark concerning giving an incredible generally client experience for site guests.

Blazingcoders is the Alumni site advancement organization for graduated class affiliation. Where graduated class relations are fabricate and remain associated. Alumni Magnet is the stage where Institutions to make graduated class sites that address the issues of their graduated class and keep their graduated class part of the more noteworthy computerized graduated class affiliation

We Are Blazingcoders

What is Alumni Magnet?

Alumni Magnet is the plaform where put together get-togethers, distribute pamphlets or magazines, and raise assets for the association. Many give an assortment of advantages and administrations that assist graduated class with keeping up with associations with their instructive establishment and individual alumni. Most affiliations don't need its individuals to be a graduate of a college to appreciate enrollment and honors.

We Are Blazingcoders

What benefits can you get from our unique Alumni Magnet ?

Events – Information on alumni events and campus events on College

News – Updates on alumni and campus news, and emergency infromation

Networking – alumni networking features, including ways to find out information about a classmate or other alumni and the ability to view alumni blogs

Professional Development – Information about how to use the college to get a better job

Mentor speech – Make alumni to give mentor speech

Giving Back – A way to donate to the school and become engaged in a meaningful way

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We Are Blazingcoders

What is benefits of having a alumni website are ?

  • Up To Date Alumni Database
  • Engaged Alumni Community
  • Explore A New Revenue Stream
  • Career Development For Students
  • Enhance Institute Branding

Try this demo as you are a user?

Appkodes Fantacy is planned cautiously and powerfully based on MySQL. In this way, it can successfully deal with a huge volume of information. Attempt this demo to be familiar with its striking elements.

Alum Book

Try this demo as you are an Admin

Administrator can get a total outline of ordinary business activities and events, for example, income acquired, deals, the exhibition of sellers, items with upgraded deals, and some more. Attempt this demo to find out about the highlights accessible for Admin.

Alum Book

Features & benefit of Alumni Magnet

1.Showcasing the Present and Past Events from Institution.
2.Timely update about the occasion plan, subject, scene from your foundation.
3.Increasing the presence and commitment of graduated class members.
4.Improve industry openness to introduce day understudies.

1.Dedicated profile segment for every graduated class, graduated class commitment officials and staffs.
2.Home view with all the stage highlights with content of your Alumni Network.
3.Socialize among your companions, Alumni through ordinary Event refreshes from Alumni Corner stage.
4.Enrich industry and individual openness through chipped in Mentors from your Alumni Help board.
5.Search and assist your Alumni with right vocation open doors.
6.Get informed on the most recent happening news in and around your establishments.
7.Engaging more members for every occasion at your foundation.
8.Maintain legitimate registry of Present and past understudies from establishments.

1.Give back to individual Alumni through tutoring, profession direction, and so on.,
2.Enrich from your kindred graduated class tutoring and helping offers for more significant advancement.
3.Extend your insight circle.
4.Engage all the more day to day cooperation in the organization's graduated class gateway.
5.Form a local area of similar individuals, thrive groundbreaking thought.

1.Alumni commitment area with Job open doors posting by individual Alumni to every one of the individuals.
2.Get alluded to huge open positions.
3.Create, Update new position prerequisites either from the administrator board or from Alumni.
4.Leverage the force of graduated class through appropriate direction and occupation reference.

1.Create redid news for every one of the Alumni to remain refreshed on happenings about individual graduated class and about the foundation.
2.Easy to channel News updates to every one of the individuals from Alumni corner.
3.Subscribe choice to week by week or month to month refreshes for more communication.
4.Give a computerized display perspective on key snapshots of your organization by Pictures and Videos.
5.Relay the Guest address occasion snaps for more support of Alumni.
6.Easy administration by Alumni Engagement authorities of the foundation.