PHP Code Check time difference is between two time slots

We are going to explain how to get the time difference between timeslots. below are the simple example given to get the time difference between the two given slots. As you can see we have used the inbuilt function DateTime::createFromFormat() or strtotime() of PHP to parse the time string according to the required format it returns the result.  

Below are the simple example in PHP to get the time diffrence between time slots 


function checkIfExist($fromTime, $toTime, $input) {
    $fromDateTime = DateTime::createFromFormat("!H:i", $fromTime);    
    $toDateTime = DateTime::createFromFormat('!H:i', $toTime);
    $inputDateTime= DateTime::createFromFormat('!H:i', $input);
    if ($fromDateTime> $toDateTime) $toDateTime->modify('+1 day');
    return ($fromDateTime <= $inputDateTime&& $inputDateTime<= $toDateTime) || ($fromDateTime <= $inputDateTime->modify('+1 day') && $inputDateTime<= $toDateTime);

echo $result; // Result 1 - true


The second possible way to get the time difference between time slots below are the given sample 

Getting the time difference between two time slots in PHP, You can use strtotime() for time calculation. Based on your requirement you can customize the script. 
Here is another simple example in PHP to get the time difference between time slots: 
  $checkTime = strtotime('09:00:59');
  echo 'Check Time : date('H:i:s');
  echo strtotime('2013-03-30 21:00') - strtotime('2013-03-29 21:00'); 
  echo strtotime('2013-03-31 21:00') - strtotime('2013-03-30 21:00'); 
  //Result  you get 86400 and 82800.

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