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Content writing Jobs in Coimbatore

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Content Writing Jobs In Coimbatore

We are looking for Technical Content Writer with strong copywriting and skills to research, develop, and maintain high-quality website content. Must have good communication skills.

Job Description

  1. 3 years to 6 years of proven content writing experience.
  2. Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications.
  3. Proven record of excellent writing demonstrated in a professional portfolio
  4. Work experience in an advertising agency is preferred
  5. Should have the ability to work independently and manage multiple stakeholders both internally and externally.
  6. Knowledge & Skills
  7. Working knowledge of content management systems.
  8. Good time management skills, including prioritizing, scheduling, and adapting as necessary
  9. Ability
  10. The ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  11. The ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.
  12. Should possess strong interpersonal and communication skills
  13. Ability to work independently with little or no daily supervision

Please upload Only pdf, docx and doc files.