How to Speed up Laravel website, Laravel Website Speed Optimization, Laravel Performance Optimization
How to Improve Laravel Performance

Guide to Increase Laravel Performance and Optimize it 

Since its emergence in 2011, Laravel has become a very popular option for developing business-focused applications including information management systems (popularly known as business information management systems) and eCommerce platforms. One important aspect of this popularity is Laravel performance optimization that allows developers to finetune the performance of Laravel apps.

Why you Should Focus on Laravel Performance Optimization

Performance and optimization are two key factors that determine the success of every business application. Laravel is used to build business information applications, the performance of Laravel powered applications has serious implications for the success of the business. 

Tips to Improve Laravel Performance
1. Config Caching
2. Routes Caching
3. Remove Unused Service
4.Classmap Optimization
5.Composer Optimize Autoload
6. Limit Libraries
7. Choose a Fast Cache and Session driver
8. Assets Bundling
9. Assets minifying
10. Running the latest version of PHP

Config Cachin
Artisan Cache Config that is very helpful in boosting performance. The basic usage of the command is:

php artisan config:cache

Once you cache the config, the changes you make do not have any effect. Config needs to be refreshed, so we are using clear cache comment 

php artisan config:clear

Routes Caching

Routes caching is an essential optimization feature, particularly for apps with a lot of routes and configurations. 

php artisan route:cache

Again we need to clear cache For clearing the cache, use the following command:

php artisan route:clear

Remove Unused Service

In the optimization of Laravel performance tuning, an important thing is not to load all services through the config. always remember to disable unused services in the config files.

Classmap Optimization

A simple trick is to declare all the files that would be included to include requests and combine them in a single file. For this, use the following command:

php artisan optimize --force

Composer Optimize Autoload

Composer scans the application and creates a one-to-one association of the classes and files in the application. Use the following command:

composer dumpautoload -o

Limit Libraries

Laravel has lots of inbuild library files to increase the performance to remove the unwanted libraries files. remove it from the config/app.php to speed up the Laravel app also place to look is composer.json

Choose a Fast Cache and Session driver

To optimize the Laravel website, the best way is to store the cache, cookies, and session sections in the RAM. I believe its way for the fastest cache and session drivers for Laravel.

Cache Queries Results

Caching the results of the queries that are frequently run is a great way of improving Laravel 5.5 performance. 

$posts = Cache::remember('index.posts', 30, function()
{return Post::with('comments', 'tags', 'author', 'seo')->whereHidden(0)->get();});

Assets Bundling

Using several common CSS and JavaScript preprocessors, Laravel Mix provides an effective API to define Webpack build for your PHP applications.

], 'public/css/all.css');

Assets minifying

we can minify our assets using Laravel Mix. Compress all the CSS and js file into minified version 

$ npm run production

This will run all Mix tasks and make sure our assets are production-ready by minifying them

Running the latest version of PHP

The latest version of PHP has brought many improvements in its performance. Therefore ensure that your Laravel application is running the latest version of PHP


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