Fireworks vs Photoshop – Where to use what?

It’s over the years that we heard about the Adobe Photoshop. It was a new software that helped all types of creatives designs. Yet, as it customary with technological progress, there is always improvement in this field. A couple of decades down the lane, the Adobe Fireworks (formerly Macromedia Fireworks) came on the surface. Since then, it’s been a subject of continuous disagreement among designers as to which one is the best.

However, this shouldn’t really be a difficult choice for an experienced or qualified designer. Both software has their own pros and cons, and both can prove to be very valuable when it comes to creating an impactful design, such as graphic design for care and cure. The following point represent the main Difference between FireWorks vs Photoshop

Vectors vs Bitmaps:-


The Object created in Firework are usually vectored objects i.e. they don’t lose quality when scaled up or down


PhotoShop usually works with bitmaps. you can create vector objects but photoshop is non-native for vectors.

Image Compression:-

Fireworks save flat. PNG files at higher quality while keeping the file size to the min.

Photoshop save files are higher in size.


Yon can apply the same effect as frequently as your wish.

You can apply effect only once to each layer.

Font Rendering:-

Fireworks unable to render fonts as they would appear in real web browsers.

Photoshop comes built in with font setting rendering.


Gradients are not applied as effect but as gradients with custom settings

Gradients are handled as simple effect

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