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Career Guidance Website Design and Development ideas

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Career Guidance Website Design and Development ideas

Blazingcoders is a product development company we develop various products for education industries Online examination system, Online exam portal, School management software, etc. A career guidance system where students can see various career opportunities, the system shows various fields available after 12th, for graduation and also fields available after graduation. It also lists various colleges available where students can search colleges by their courses and their exam application data. Next, the system allows users to give a test. It is actually a series of tests of various general questions. After test completion, a score is calculated for each test. Based on those results the system manipulates and calculates the best career for that user. This result is then emailed to that user. The system also consists of an admin module. The admin can log in to the system and enter colleges along with their specifications. We develop various career guidance website.

Career Guidance Website Feature and Modules:-

Student Registration:-

Students can register on the website by giving complete details. so based on the student's details course and exam alerts will be notified to students through SMS and Email

Institution and Course Information:-

In the admin, we will provide the option to add Institution, Courses, and Exam Application data. Based on it student will choose the exam and make payment.

Admission Alert:-

All Exam, Courses, Exam Date, Application Last date, Number of Days left will be shown in the Admission alert page.

Online/Personal Seminar:-

Students can apply for an online and personal seminar with our consultant 

Coupon Codes:-

Student can use Coupon Codes and get an offer in their payments

Syllabus Management:-

In Admin we have the option to add Syllabus based on Exam, Courses, and Insutions.

Question Paper Management:-

In Admin We have the option to add Question papers based on Exam, Date and Years.

We have a Predefined Career guide portal. Feel Free to ask for Free Demo.  

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