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Advnatages of HTML5

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Advnatages of HTML5

Ever-increasing usage of mobile devices not just by individuals but the enterprises to have created a strong need for businesses to enable support for the mobile workforce, both in the B2B and B2C communications domain. Multiple and completely different mobile operating systems, hardware devices and access methods to the services pose a daunting challenge in mobile support.

How do you provide a seamless solution? HTML5 is turning out to be answered! The philosophy of HTML5 is – write once, run anywhere. Techies call it WORA. This is what makes HTML5 so powerful in the mobility space. When HTML5 began, it was used only for developing static catalogs and building light-weight microsites. Its evolutionary path has been such that today HTML5 has reached the level of maturity which encapsulates its WORA philosophy.

Today HTML5 handles diversified applications in almost every mobility domain ranging from Business Intelligence, Retail, Gaming, Social Networking to Entertainment & Lifestyle. A recent survey suggests that HTML5 is the only dominant technology in the mobile development domain with a strong 68% share which is increasing fast.

Today, enterprises are developing HTML5 based mobile apps using all the three main development approaches: the server-side mobile web, the client-web, and the hybrid-web. The majority of the enterprises are adopting the server-side mobile web approach for development. In this approach, all business logic is written on the webserver which then produces mobile-friendly sites. A classic example of this approach is Gmail for mobile web browsers. Twitter bootstrap is a commonly used framework for development using this approach.

In the client-web approach, all the business logic is deployed on the mobile client inside the native container. I, Sencha, EXTJS have commonly used frameworks for developing apps using this approach. The final approach, hybrid web uses native programming for hardware access not supported by HTML5. Phonegap is a fantastic framework used for this approach.

In addition to our strong expertise in the existing HTML5 framework, Payoda has developed its own smart HTML5 framework named the TribeX. It is used for building cross-platform apps helping customers go to market faster than the traditionally used HTML5 frameworks.

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