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Remote Infrastructure Management Services Coimbatore, India, Server Administration, Network Monitoring & Management

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Remote Infrastructure Management Services Coimbatore, India, Server Administration, Network Monitoring & Management

Enterprise Computing

Our enterprise computing consolidation services provide strategic technology direction for data center design and assessment. By aligning your IT infrastructure to business goals, we empower you to become more responsive to business needs.

Blazing Coders offers leading technology to virtualize your IT infrastructure and improve your return on assets. We help make your IT service delivery dynamic and in step with changing business processes. Add in our thought leadership and you have a partner who can help create a more effective and innovative IT environment.

This service monitors your business systems and practices to determine their overall health in the enterprise. We use the best and latest solutions to design and implement effective ESM systems that keep your servers, mainframes, storage devices and applications regularly checked. Our ESM offerings include consulting, design and deployment, end‑to‑end managed services andservice management.

Data center consolidation and server rationalization services help us to evaluate your IT infrastructure’s design and server capabilities. We determine and incorporate the best approach suited to maximize your returns. This results in increased productivity, reduced costs, improved time-to-market and more cost‑effective business operations.

IT Management Consulting

As advancements in IT infrastructure accelerate, it is critical that your IT systems are aligned with your business needs. At Cognizant, we’re committed to meeting this need by helping you make informed decisions across the lifecycle of infrastructure services delivery. Companies around the world rely on our strategic thought leadership, rigor and consulting discipline for evaluating and planning infrastructure technology and services.

We help companies reduce and control IT equipment costs dramatically. Through standardization, proper documentation and loss detection, you can mitigate risk, improve your inventory control and support strategic decision-making.

IT governance is a critical component in improving IT management. It covers risk management as well as heightened accountability in decision-making. With Cognizant, your governance will link IT more closely to corporate strategy by ensuring that IT investments generate business value.

Service management ensures that IT aligns with your business requirements and that the right applications are available and meeting user needs. Using our process-driven approach, you can detect and resolve problems proactively. Our services consistently reduce incident volume by an average of 10% and slash downtime of critical services by as much as 50%.

Remote Infrastructure Management Services Coimbatore, India, Server Administration, Network Monitoring & Management

Remote Infrastructure Management

With resources scarce and budgets tight, IT organizations need new ways to reduce costs and work more efficiently. Remote outsourcing of infrastructure services is one increasingly popular option with Cognizant clients.

Our Remote Infrastructure Management 2.0 (RIM 2.0) framework lies at the center of our managed services. This portal foundation provides the building blocks for monitoring every IP-enabled device and process on your network. It helps resolve problems quickly, increases productivity and lowers the cost of computing.

With operations centers in the U.S., India and Europe, our flexible delivery model optimizes resources and delivery location to best meet your needs. Remote monitoring services are provided 24 x 7 from any Cognizant center using the OnTarget platform. These centers are replicated to ensure safety and security and our RIM 2.0 Framework ensures consistency and quality in delivery no matter where your services are deployed.

Remote Infrastructure Management Services Coimbatore, India, Server Administration, Network Monitoring & Management

Infrastructure Security

Blazing Coders secure infrastructure solutions help manage IT risks at all levels of an organization. We begin with clear business goals. We then develop compliance roadmaps and risk assessments to identify true costs of exposure and controls. We help produce more secure and resilient infrastructures by creating and deploying plans that prepare business for outages or disasters.

Our infrastructure security services help reduce and manage your IT risk. With a focus on planning, we apply industry best practices to protect your information from security breaches today and tomorrow.

Our Security Operations Center reduces daily security threats and ensures more efficient resource utilization. The center features a sophisticated infrastructure, certified security experts and a robust framework that increases regulatory compliance and system availability. We set clear business goals for every project engagement and develop compliance roadmaps and risk assessments to identify the true costs of exposure and controls.

Network & Convergence

Businesses today demand advanced network infrastructures to support the increasing bandwidth demands brought on by the convergence of phone, video and computing traffic. Cognizant offers world-class services that transform complex network infrastructures into dynamic and easier to maintain systems. The result: a more effective telecommunications environment that combines WAN, LAN and voice services.

By leveraging technology and service components of virtualization, our consulting team provides you with a cost‑effective telecom network capability where resources are allocated dynamically based on standard and new policies.

Our pool of technology experts helps you plan and deploy a virtual network that guarantees better performance for the future of work. We ensure dynamic allocation of resources based on new and industry-standard policies. In addition, our team helps you eliminate the need for separate storage network architectures, thereby saving time and capital.

Key focus areas include capacity planning, network security design, network virtualization, network vulnerability assessments, retirement consulting services, performance assessments, unified network communications, unified network management and LAN/WAN architecture. We also provide managed WAN/LAN, VPN and IP telephony services.

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