Lazy load Images Using jQuery / JavaScript
By Admin   | 2021-Jan-28   |    Jquery | Technical |

lazy load images using jquery Lazy Load is a jQuery script written in JavaScript. It delays the loading of images on long web pages. All the images are loaded one by one while the page is getting s

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JQuery DataTables Ajax based Or Server Side Sorting, Pagination and Searching
By Admin   | 2021-Jan-23   |    Jquery | PHP | Technical |

jQuery DataTable server-side sorting, pagination, and searching using PHP and MySQL In this PHP Javascript Tutorial, I'm attending to tell you the way to use jQuery datatable plugin with Server

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How to convert an HTML element or document into image ?
By Admin   | 2021-Jan-11   |    Jquery | FAQ |

In this article, I will be able to show you ways to convert Html div to a picture using JQuery. Here, I'm generating an HTML div element on the client-side to im

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Career Guidance Website Design and Development ideas
By Admin   | 2020-Apr-15   |    Innovation | Creative | Idesa and Inspirations | Web Development | Web Design |

Blazingcoders is a product development company we develop various products for education industries Online examination system, Online exam portal, School management software, etc. A career guidance sy

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Matrimonial Web Design and Development
By Admin   | 2020-Apr-14   |    Innovation | Creative | Web Development | Web Design |

Blazingcoders is a web design and development company. We provide a high function matrimonial website with a simple and user-friendly user interface. We have a pre-defined matrimonial full functional

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