Lazy load Images Using jQuery / JavaScript
By Admin   | 2021-Jan-23   |    Jquery | Technical |

lazy load images using jquery Lazy Load is a jQuery script written in JavaScript. It delays the loading of images on long web pages. All the images are loaded one by one while the page is getting s

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JQuery DataTables Ajax based Or Server Side Sorting, Pagination and Searching
By Admin   | 2021-Jan-23   |    Jquery | PHP | Technical |

jQuery DataTable server-side sorting, pagination, and searching using PHP and MySQL In this PHP Javascript Tutorial, I'm attending to tell you the way to use jQuery datatable plugin with Server

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PHP Code Check time difference is between two time slots
By Admin   | 2021-Jan-19   |    Laravel | CodeIgniter | PHP |

We are going to explain how to get the time difference between timeslots. below are the simple example given to get the time difference between the two given slots. As you can see we have used the inb

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How to convert an HTML element or document into image ?
By Admin   | 2021-Jan-11   |    Jquery | FAQ |

In this article, I will be able to show you ways to convert Html div to a picture using JQuery. Here, I'm generating an HTML div element on the client-side to im

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How To Do 301 Redirect to Website Domain Name
By Admin   | 2021-Jan-09   |    Technical | FAQ |

It’s a standard question that pops up. You own several domains and host duplicate copies of an equivalent site (or simply point all of them to at least one site). Your business strategy changes

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